History of Athiria

"This logical progression of events was the ultimate expression of love given to the people of Athir by Mantik and Koa." ~ Arrajin

The timeless moment:

At the beginning of the timelessness and from the "Mists of Nothingness" the elements sprang. Where these four elements of creation clashed the physical representation of their battles came into being. As the elements continued to duel and their representatives, the Elementals, mediated; gods came to be. One god came from "where no one knows". He created light. This light showed the pettiness of most of the gods. They hated this thing that made them feel little and in that moment darkness was born as a manifestation of that hatred.

Other deities embraced the light and changed their ways to that of benevolence while precious few were shown to have always been righteous. The gods laid claim to the elements and took on the purpose of defining the boundaries and interactions of the elements. They created helpers to defend and build up their domains. The helpers of the gods saw the futility of laying claim to aspects that didn't represent their god as it would quickly revert to it's natural state. By defining the elements the gods bound themselves to the laws of the elements. At the center of everything existed a place where all the elements were potent, but non were supreme. Many helpers left the futile battles of their deities, and forged Nations for themselves. They called their new home "Athir" which means "The Place That Is." Many of the gods soon took note of how malleable Athir was and decided to try to claim it. They created natives who were bound to the plain. These natives are bound to Athir as they rely on all of the elements for life. Their battles did great damage to the plain. These "First Natives" or "Elder Mortals" began to go insane because of the chaos inherent to an existence without time. Prehistory:

History of Athiria

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