Shaksi Loneroar

Brawler, Leather and Komeri worker, Beast Wrestler


Here is my character sheet if anyone ever needs it.

Here is a doc that has the desc. of most of my abilities


Just a 20 year old from a fishing village on the river. I never really fit in with my peers or even the adults in my village. They all worship Ketina and Tamatine, and are tasked by them to make sure the bodies continue down the river to the ocean where they find peace (or something like that). I, on the other hand, have never found any of these “Gods” satisfying, although if I was forced to choose I would pick Aatatoi. I have found my passion not to be in fishing or monitoring bodies, but in working on Komeri. Because of this I spend most of my time in solitude waiting for the beasts. I also do not hunt like others. In an effort to keep the hide and bones in good condition I find it best to be up close and personal, usually wrestling the beasts and stabbing the neck for a clean kill. Oh… and I have grayish skin and ash eyes.

I have been sent by my village elders to the village to the north because something is happening with the bodies. I’m not sure exactly why they sent ME, maybe because I know the surrounding land the best, or maybe because there have been many more beast sightings then usual. Maybe this will actually be fun…

Shaksi Loneroar

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