Zaikahi is the firstborn of Mantik and Koa. He is the god of change.


Zaikahi appears as a short, well formed boy just entering puberty. He has tan skin, long blonde, almost white, hair and dark piercing eyes. Though generally friendly, his eyes always seem serious even when he smiles. His strong arms are marred with age spots and wrinkles from the elbow down getting ever worse and paler the further from his chest they go.

His favored weapon is a staff with two black shafts of metal twisting around each other but never touching. The bottoms of the metal shafts are pointed while the top of each is a rounded bulb. The staff was given to him by his younger brother Aatatoi, the god of art and toil. The section of the staff that doesn’t exist is a void. It warps all light while looking through it and when something is lost within, it disappears.


  1. Healing
  2. Death
  3. Plant – Growth
  4. Chaos – Entropy
  5. Law – Inevitable


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